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My company’s focus has always been on enriching people’s lives with beautiful environments. Now we want to go a step further and add a holistic approach to our design work with elements from Feng Shui, nature, and color theory. We believe the more closely the elements you are surrounded with are aligned with your own thoughts, feelings, lifestyle, and innermost being, the better it will serve you.


Our home is the place where we construct a version of ourselves. So, we should think of our home as the place that allows us to develop and experiment with the possibility of our identity, family, and way of living, rather than following the latest trends.

“Your home is the place where you should feel happiest, where you should feel most yourself. We can help you to create a home that allows you to live a more fulfilled lifestyle, rather than creating an interior that is merely a fashion statement.”

Whether your tastes run toward sleek, clean, modernism or cosy intimacy, our designs ensure that your personality shines through every element. We use both traditional design elements and the principles of holistic living to carefully craft a purposeful aesthetic that is the ultimate in individual luxury.

We work with you every step of the way, from the initial conceptualization through the final installation, bringing in skilled artisans to craft one of a kind furniture, artwork, and lighting to bring your personality and vision to life.



Your home is an extension of your personal space. In a sense, it acts as the third skin, protecting you from the stress of the world. By using natural materials, ionizers, full-spectrum lights, and energy-balancing sounds and scents, as well as specific fabrics and colors, we create life-nurturing interiors. Your home will not only be in harmony with the natural forces, but it can actually recharge you and improve your quality of life. Just as we need to pay attention to all parts of our bodies if we want to stay healthy, we also need to make sure all the vital systems in our homes are working well. Here is a brief guide to how your home design correlates with your physical body parts:



Front door ...............................................    Mouth
 Windows  ...............................................     Eyes
 Bathroom ________________________    Bladder
 Sink ____________________________     Kidneys
 Water and service pipes ____________     Veins
 Electrical circuits __________________     Nerves
 Ventilation system or HVAC __________    Lungs
 Living Room _____________________      Heart
 Dining Room & Kitchen ____________       Stomach
 Study & Studio ___________________      Brain
 Bedroom ________________________     Reproductive Systems


Pfuner Design reflects the passion of its founder, Renata Pfuner, for highly individualized, artistic designs that push the boundaries between luxury and functionality with a resonant sense of purpose and atmosphere. If you are ready for a unique interior design experience, we invite you to call us today at +1 239 810 2917 or email us at info@pfunerdesign.com. You can find more insights on Holistic Interior Design at www.pfunerdesign.com