Pfuner Design has developed a unique home furnishing concept—affordable, high-style room packages—that combines all elements of luxury living delivered to you as a turnkey package.

You can choose from several thoughtfully created interior design packages, which include furnishings, custom-made furniture, lighting, original artwork, and linens, along with hand-picked accessories for the main rooms in your home.

Personally selected by nationally renowned interior designer Renata Pfuner, our finishing touches will help you stylize your lifestyle and create an environment that feels good to come home to.

For you as a luxury homeowner, the point of having a curated, high-end space is to enjoy pleasant surroundings at the end of fast-paced, productive days. Knowing that you hardly have time to take care of it all, we developed this new program—a novel way to work—as the perfect solution for you busy doers. If you desire stunning style but can’t devote hours to meetings and sourcing trips, we can be the design partner you need.

Invite Renata and her team to embark on the creative journey, and come home to the reveal of your new interiors. With multiple style sets and in-stock furniture selections for each, these packages bring the Renata look to your home, within budget and, owing to its ready-to-go nature, in record time. And, this new offering caters to a worldwide audience. Whether you seek interior design in Miami or from a city across the globe, the predesigned nature of the packages makes online interior design more feasible than ever.

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